What is the OSDK ?

First thing: This is *NOT* a C compiler for the PC !

The OSDK is an "easy to use" (well, it's the original idea) cross compiler and assembler set for creating software for the Oric computers. Oric is an English brand of 6502 based 8 bits computers.

This SDK allows you to code in standard C and assembly code in a comfortable way, but also supports BASIC. The OSDK also contains Oric Emulators (Euphoric and Oricutron) that allows you to test (and debug) your programs without risking to freeze the computer (that's usually the result of native machine coding when you do mistakes).

This is a Windows SDK. Some of the executables have been rebuild using a Win32 compiler, so they cannot be executed under dos. Do not even try.

Now, if you are a Linux user, everything is not lost. Normaly this SDK works fine under Wine, and you will find detailed informations on how to configure the OSDK to be usable with Wine. The executable part does not work so far, so you will not be able to launch the programs using the built in version of Euphoric. If you find a way to do that please contact me, but in the mean time you should use some othe Oric emulator to run the programs you just managed to compile.

Updates, bug reports, requests...

If you have any comment, feature request, or bug to submit, the easiest way is to post a message in Defence-Force's dedicated forum:

New versions of the OSDK will be annouced on the forum, and made available on Defence Force site at the following place:

Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

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Made with the OSDK

Buggy Boy Demo
by Mickaƫl Pointier

“A single file demo released at the LCP 2004”

Released in 2004

“Nice design, nice demo, nice music.”

“Absolutely fantastic!!!! Defence Force - you just blow me away. With each demo/intro you stretch the boundaries in showing what an Oric can really do. My favourite section is the one with the scrolling horizontal lines going up, with the scrolling text going right to left (3rd across and 3rd down of the pics above.) The sound effects were very clever for the test card starting and ending, as the loading music was excellent.”
The Spider