The Compiler


RCC16 is an Oric targeted version of the LCC Compiler.

This compiler is decently ANSI compliant, and event support C++ comments as well as standard C comments.

Optimisation level can be modified using the OSDKCOMP variable. By default this variable will be initialized to -O2 value, but you can try -O3 for more aggresive optimizations.

Data types

Since the 6502 is an 8 bit processor, the data size are as follow:

  • Pointers are 16 bits long
  • char and shorts are 8 bits long
  • int are 16 bits long

Some standard functions (memcpy, printf, ...) are implemented, but most of the standard library is not available.

Some functions are just quick hacks done by directly calling the ROM functions. Unfortunately, ROM releases are different, and thus any code calling these functions will work only on ATMOS.

Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

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Made with the OSDK

3k FreeCell
by Mickaƫl Pointier

“A 3k version of the famous Freecell solitaire game”

Released in 2013

“Me? I always use my Oric to play Freecell, as it's the best platform to play it!”

“Been playing it for a while now, and still enjoy a quick game from time to time!”

“This is a really impressive piece of coding and I cannot believe it fills less than 3K!”